Stinky poop?


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My beardies are just getting out of their semi-brumation and are basking and eating. My question is is that my Amber and Chubbs have been pooping (moist and only once watery) and it stinks.

I know a sign could be parasites but I wash greens even if they don't eat them and im wondering what's causing it. Generally in the summer when my Amber is eating her greens (little picky since she hasn't eaten during brumation) she has no smell at all. Should I get it checked out anyways? I have a appointment coming up for Amber so I could take a sample in if I have too.

I know they are active and awake but still showing signs of semi-brumation

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I always say take in a sample. It's cheap piece of mind. That and if something is going on it's better to be on top of it quickly.


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Hmm her (Amber) appointment is on the 29th but I can probably take a sample in ahead of time before her appointment

As you said sooner the better just in case

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