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Spontaneous shedding = stressed beardie?


New member
Long time reader, first time posting! My Beardie is a 7 year old male, healthy and no known issues.
3 days ago we moved to a new apartment, so the day was a bit unusual for him. It involved a bit of travel, people wanted to pet or hold him, new surrounding and so on. This morning I noticed massive shedding. Literally over night. Usually his shedding process is much slower.

He eats and seems fine, but I worry this is a stress symptom? Anything I need to watch out for?
He didn’t show any signs of distress during that day. On the contrary, he was very friendly and alert.

But now I am a bit worried. Here's a pic from what I found in the viv this morning:

Oh also, he has a huge viv, plenty of light and he runs around freely at my place a lot.
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