Spike is dying ;(

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Of all the stupis mistakes we've made that SHOULD have killed him... I don't understand...

3 hours ago, he was normal and happy..
We went to out for 2 hours... when we got back, he was almost dead under his basking light on the floor of his enclosure...

His beard is black, 1/2 his tale is black.... He is just on the edge of life..

Just yeasterday he actually started eating collard greens..

After we left, my daughter fed him some collards. The best we could figure is that either she had wet hand sanatizer on her hands OR she didn't wash the collards.


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Whole house is crying...
To pasify my autistic child, we've put him back in his enclosure and we will be sure when riggers sets in by the morning..

There will be a spike 2, but unlikely to every find another with such personality..

Meantime, we'll let the kids morn for a week or two, then try again.

I want to thank everyone for the advice we've gotten over the last 2 1/2 months.

All my best,

beardie parents

BD.org Sicko
I'm sorry, I know how much it hurts when they die. It doesn't matter how long or short a time that we've had them, they crawl into our hearts and stay they and when they die, their memories stay in our hearts.


BD.org Sicko
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I'm so very sorry to hear about Spike. Your whole family must be very lost without him. It's hard not knowing what caused the death. We are here if you feel like talking and to offer any advise you might need when you decide to get another one.

RIP Spike
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