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Well the spammwrs are at it again.
They left an email, we should all send them about 500 B.S messages right back and give them a taste of their own.
The email addy they left is [email removed by Admin] if anyone is snarky like me.
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I removed the email address. It is not wise to ever email it. You could send 50,000 messages, and it will not impact them. They are typically automated, and if anything you will only then give them your email address to further spam. I also don’t want references to spam details on the site, so nothing here gets flagged as related in any way to spammers.

Thanks for reporting it, xp29. All those posts (and some made by another account using an overlapping IP) were removed.


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Yeah after i posted that, i kindda felt bad about it. It was ment to be more humorous then suggestive, but i agree with you i shouldn't have posted it. I'll be more mindful in the future.

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