Sophie, Pearl, and Norbert pictures!

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Here are some pictures for all of you!
Sophie: Sophie died last month. She was my very first lizard and I loved her dearly. Here are some photos from before she passed.



Sophie is the big one, pearl is the little one. They curled up under the pillow together.

Pearl: Pearl is a spunky little thing. She is very sweet, but loves to run around on her own!
Here, I had to give her salad so she wouldnt eat mine!

I thought I had more pics of her on photobucket, but i guess not. I will get more up.
Norbert: Norbert is a very cool lizard. He can be very sweet, but if he is hungry, i have to wear gloves so I dont loose a finger! He is and Argentine Black and White Tegu. He is nearly three feet long now! These pics are old so he looks smaller.


I will get some new ones.
hope you all enjoy!


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i like your pictures! and thank you for posting them!

i'm sorry to hear about sophie, she looked like a sweet beardie, it's never easy to lose a friend.

the picture of the two beardies snuggling is absolutely adorable, i think that's my favorite, they look so peaceful and happy, i love snuggly pics! :love5:

keep posting more pics, i'll be watching, and i'm sure others will be too!


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Thank you! I will take some new pictures today. Norbert doesnt like to sit still so its hard to get nice pics of him. But pearl is sweet so i get some good pics of her today.
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