Something WEIRD in the laybox!

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Hello guys, this morning I found out that my girl Daenys had laid 9 eggs in the lay box and I came across this..! Any idea what this is?? Is this a bad sign? D:
(it looks wet because i washed it to get a better view of it.)

This is her 1st time laying eggs but it's the 2nd clutch. Still, I was very surprised she laid 9 in one go. She really didnt seem gravid at all, and during the 1st clutch she laid 11 eggs over the span of a week and a half.

She seems ok so far, still alert and eating. I fed her 3 sago worms(butods), 3 dubias and a veggie slurry made of butternut squash, papaya, mango, bokchoy, and choysum(not sure what's the english name for it.)
Am contemplating giving her pinkies since her fat pads are kinda sunken now.

PS: Feel free to move this post to the Health Forum if this isnt anything serious

Drache613 Sicko
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Hello Sakai,

I see you came here on the forum, good to see you!
That is an odd looking substance. It's likely a mixture of urates & possibly some egg yolk, but
not sure.
A lot of times they can have urate type of plugs after laying. Has she had a black beard at all,
since laying, or not?
Her diet is perfectly fine, you do a great job with her feeding. :D
Is she still digging around in her laybox, or not?
I wouldn't do too many pinkies, as they are too fatty but 1 a week here & there would be ok, if
you don't feed too many. Be sure to keep the greens in there also.



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Tracie!! :love10: Yea, i've thought abt it but I didnt want the conversations that we share to just be always abt my beardie's issue, so i concluded that coming here is only appropriate! :D
Oh i see, that sure is one huge plug. My mum scared me by asking if that was her intestine (it's stupid but i was actually worried it might be :oops: ) She later insisted that it was just an overly deformed egg, but still I was worried.
There wasnt any sign of black beard as she continued on her day as if everything was normal so I would take that she's ok. And nope, Daenys hasnt been digging today and she dosent seem restless anymore.
Im glad the feeding is alright!
I havent tried feeding pinkies before and I really hope I dont have to but Im kinda concerned since her fat pads are sunken so I figured 1 or 2 would be good for her?
Ill keep it to once a week if i do feed her pinkies and will definitely keep up with the veggies!
Thank you so much for getting back to me :love5:

Drache613 Sicko
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Hello Sakai,

I will check your other thread too.
I was pretty sure it was going to be egg related. How is she doing this evening?
I hope she is feeling well & I'll go see your update. :D



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Thanks for taking the time Tracie :)
I'd like to think Daenys is doing ok so far.
Ive updated her condition in the newer thread.
Thanks again!
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