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It sounds like pancake has had it little rough from your other posts, how is she doing?
You can make a temporary setup with a large Rubbermaid tub while you are gathering equipment for a second set up.

You can get a large, tall tub, inexpensive dome reflector and bulb for heat, and a UVB fixture for probably 30-40$ if you look around. The you just need the UVB bulb. If you can find a big enough tub you can divide it and put the UVB across the decide so both sides get some (assuming you have a long florescent tube.) If you don't have other pets, or can put them in a safe room you won't need to devise a lid.

If you can't or don't expect to be able to provide complete setups for the two of them, if may be in both of their best interests to consider rehoming one of them.

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I was just going to recommend the plastic tub for now, Taterbug beat me to it. :D It's true, rather than keeping them together, it would be safer to find a home for one. It's not worth the risk to either of them otherwise.

Do you work or get an allowance or perhaps have some personal items you could sell?


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I do have a very small tank which is I believe a ten gal. Would that possibly work. It has a heat lamp. I might have a uvb in the storage roo I have to check to make sure both lights work.

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The 30g with the cracks boarded over from the inside would be better than a tiny tank, but still not suitable for long term. The UVB light if you find one, still needs to be within it's 6mo serviceable life span.


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:D hey I was thinking about designing my own habitat for the dragons. I would use 2×4 wood to build the frame. I would put ply wood at the bottom to hold the substrate. I would use chicken wire for the walls and put mesh screening for the inside layer for the walls. On the top I could use two hinges and a hook latch to make a door.

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If you are going to build one, using screen for walls and mesh, that would not allow for the temps to be where they need to be. Your beardie could also get her/his legs or toes tangled up in it even the nails on their toes and can result in some fairly nasty injuries. There are some awesome vivs people have built in DIY section of the forum. I would be very careful with what you use for construction. You want to stay away from pines and cedars and have to be careful about glues and sealers.
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