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I have two beardie females,maybe 2yrs old both of them but someone is throwing up and i don't know who it is,it's the second time now in about a week.I make sure there is grated apple and carrot in a small bowl that they eat with no problems.Also have the beardie pellets that the one seems to be eating without me having go coax to do so,the other one isn't too interested,although when i do give superworms it does get some pellets in cause i put the worms in uner the pellets.Am i doing something wrong?


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What's your setup? (Lighting and heating brands, types, times?) Is your uvb a coil, bulb or tube? Also, separate them immediately!! Beardies are not good with each other, they can loose tails, and toes. I have a beardie with 3/4 of her tail missing, due to being housed with another beardie before I got to her. What and when do you feed her? What veggies? How long is she? What calcium supplement do you use? Also, sepcial "beardie pellets" are basically junk. They have a lot of unneeded stuff in them. How do you measure your temps, and how much are they? I see you have a red bulb for basking, get rid of that and get a nice bright white basking bulb, you can use a house bulb.(that's not a coil.) Hope this helps!


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Thank you for your input,i will reply to it in a while,I would just like to give some time for someone else to comment to get a second opinion,or a third possibly.The thing is,i cant have a few petshops recommend what i have and then online i get a very different opinion.

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I'll be blunt - pet shops are less than hopeless when it comes to giving GOOD advise on beardie husbandry and you are better off listening to experienced beardie breeders. More often than not the salesperson will know diddlelysquat about reptiles and their proper care.

Red basking lights are worthless for beardies , what a beardie needs a bright sun-like light source / heat source - Par38 spot lamps are the go here with most beardie lovers and breeders (very bight sun-like heat + visible light source) or MVBs (best of all give UVA and UVB and heat and bright white light too).

If you want your beardies to thrive :
- take the SICK beardie to a vet ASAP if not sooner
-separate them ASAP (into their own fully equipped enclosures)
-ditch the red basking light - it's worse than useless
-buy either a par38 spot lamp of suitable wattage or a good quality MVB of suitable wattage and put in on a timer (not a dimmer !) and give at least 12 hours - 14 hours light per day - for both enclosures.
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