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So we have Toothless in a 40 gallon so he's got a decent amount of space. I had ordered a hammock for him bit got the wrong size, it was huge and the way they folded it for shipping, it just wouldn't work. Well, last night, we took out his driftwood piece and made a ramp out of those little wooden garden stability sticks and found a way to put his hammock in the corner. I didn't think he'd like it at first. (He usually sleeps on top of the cricket hotel in the corner of the cool side of his tank. He loves sprawling out on it) but he crawled into his hammock last night and went to bed.

But, he was up against the edge that was against the glass. He had his little feet curled around the edge and his snout pressed against the glass. It was adorable. But he started to slip after awhile so I had to move him over. As soon as he woke up, he must've realized my hand was warm because when I went to put him back down, he turned in my hand and hugged himself to my hand, little feet and legs wrapped around my hand as much as he could. It was adorable. So I picked him up with the other hand and went to set him down and he did it again. It was do damn cute, I felt bad for making him get down.


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Lol my girlfriend complaints that i pay more attention to mine than i do her also.
They just don't understand. 😅

Is it normal for them to lay their heads down while basking.? He's been eating normal, acting normal, pooping normal, but has laid his head down, like he's gonna take a nap, a few times today.


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Cookie, Waffles
That’s so cute! Cookie does that, but only to get food from me! They have us wrapped around their tiny little claws!


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Its hard to tell a beardie no once it's set its mind to something lol.
It really is, I feel bad so easily with Toothless. Lol.

I put him on my chest and went to the living room, and the living room still kinda scares him, from the vents and stuff on the ceiling to the lights typically being on because we have big windows to allow a lot of sunlight in and he crawled up under my chin to do a little wiggle against me and when I put my hand up near him to just make sure he wouldn't make a leap of faith, he wiggled under it to hide. It was sad but so darn cute

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