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Smawg has been doing very good since we last was here, she has been eating, But still has not went to the bathroom in her cage, Only when I bath her she will go & still she has not gone bathroom in her water dish either.
I bath her once a week & let her soak for 1/2 hour. Her weight history on 11/19 she was 100.8 then on 11/24 she weighed 101.7 then on 12/1 she weighed 494 grams her last weigh in was on 12/7 and she was 508 grams. I will weigh her tomorrow. I am hoping to see a very big difference :) Here is a few new photos. How does she look ?


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I'm glad to hear she is doing well. Based on the photos it looks like she's developing a bit of a belly but it may just be the way she's sitting between two branches. You may want to start reducing the bugs a bit and start introducing more salads/veges to her diet to help her maintain a healthy weight.


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Thanks! I have went 3 days without feeding her bugs & she will not eat her greens or any fruit. She did go potty in her cage today, and she weighs 554 grams. The first time back on b.d. org & she poops in her cage :) yeah her belly looks like that for the way she was sitting.
Maybe I will throw a bunch of greens & blend them all up and feed her threw syringe, until she starts eating enough of that on her own. she smells it and that`s it, she just wont eat it.
Sound like a good idea?


Any typos in that weight history? Must have been some huge T-giving meal to put on close to 400 grams.

11/19 - 100.8
11/24 - 101.7
12/01 - 494 grams
12/07 - 508 grams


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I was weighing her in pounds before I noticed a gram button on the scale :banghead:

She was not eating or pooping for a while in the past, I have previous postings & info.on here if curious on everything. But as for her weight she was 538 grams from the vets scale, then I got a scale i weighed her in pounds at 1.016 then another time she was 1.019 another time she was 510 grams from a different vet & had a xray done as well. then another time 1.008 pounds next was 1.017 pounds then another time 494 in grams. another time 508 grams and her first weigh in for the new year she weighs 548 grams.

From Nov.- Jan she has started pooping again. had went 5 times. she finally started working up a appetite :D For a while I was feeding her threw syringe which she took very well, I started yesterday feeding her baby food again ( greens ) since she is not eating her fresh kale & ect. I will do it here & there so she at least gets some sort of green in her. anyways when she started eating again which was on 11-20 she ate 7 hissers then on 11-30 she ate 1 medium hornworm then on 12-2 she ate 2 hornworms then on 12-3 she ate 3 cricks. 12-4 she ate 40 wax worms, 12-8 she had 10 hissers. 12-11 she had 1 dubia, 12-13 2 hissers, 12-20 she had 50 wax worms 12-21 she ate 50 wax worms 12-26 she ate 100 wax worms. then she ate a couple more times but I forgot to chart it down. & now for 2016 On january 6 100 wax worms january 3 she ate 100 wax worms & 20 cricks jan 8 she ate 50 cricks & some smashed bananas & water ( syringe ) jan 10th she ate 70 cricks. She has been eating cricks everyday now. I have some bfl coming in the mail any day now. it will be her first time having those. The last vet gave her a shot ( pain ) maybe it would help release a bowl & it did the next day,warm baths & soaking wouldn't even work before that. Smawg was doing very good up until one day she just stopped pooping & lost appetite. But now she is on a good start again. Jan. 11th she pooped in her cage, which she has not done in many months.
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