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Today when I got to work, I went out to check on Charlie. I didn't grab the keys for his enclosure because I figured I'd let him keep warming up or sleep, since it was early. When I stopped in front of the tank and said "Good morning," he turned his head to look at me. Then I noticed he kept looking down at my hands. I thought maybe he was looking at my wedding ring, since he's interested in shiny things. So, I held up my ring but instead of looking at it, he cocked his head and looked (pointedly) up at the lid of the tank.

He was looking to see if I had the keys to take him out for a cuddle. He's too darn smart! I acquiesced and took him right out and we toured the office to visited coworkers. He seemed pleased with that. I know that he isn't my, I'm definitely his pet. :lol:

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Sounds like he's got his routine down! :lol: Sounds like he has a good life at your library =)
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