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Sleepy dragon


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We have a dragon about 8-9 months old 9ish inches long. He was out of roaches and wouldn’t eat crickets (he’s very picky) we went to the store but they were out of roaches but said they love super worms. We fed him 4 he loved them. The next day he had 3. Today he is super sleepy and doesn’t want to leave his heat lamp. He is falling asleep seconds after picking him up. We were worried and just now found out they aren’t supposed to eat that many worms. The reptile place didn’t tell us and he belongs to our 9 yr old daughter who will be devastated if something happens to him.. any advise? He had a small bm today but his belly looks a little full like after a feeding


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Do you have any pictures of your dragon? Did you measure his length from the snout to
the vent, without including the tail length?
If he is 8-9 months old, he should be longer than 9 or so inches.
Actually, 3 superworms is fine, as long as they were not too large for his size.
Please post pictures of him, along with your tank setup so we can see how everything
looks & is arranged in his tank. What type/brand of UVB light do you use?



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I’ll take pics in a few hrs when I’m back home. He’s probably closer to 10-11 inches nose to tail but he is small for his age. We have talked to the breeder and he’s still in normal range. I believe the light is exo terra brand 125 output. But I’ll have to double check the brand. We have a grass hammock tilted down so he can get as close or far from the heat as he wants. His tank is 40 gallon and he has a dedicated cool zone and his light is 8-10 hrs off the rest on. Again I’ll do pics soon hopefully. We also have not put sand in yet as we were told young dragons can get sick and die from accidentally ingesting the sand
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