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We noticed the first night, one of them was sleeping in a corner facing straight up! Last night they were both in a corner, or near a corner sleeping straight up like they were trying to climb out, but sleeping... How does your beardie sleep?


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Smid has slept in some crazy spots over the past two years...


sleeping in one of my toques


this was last night sleeping on my new couch


sleeping in between his two sticks - I'm sure he was stiff the next day from this one.

So, I think they'll sleep anywhere and everywhere.



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I don't leave him out over night, just sometimes he decides it's time to sleep when he is out and I run off and find the camera. :roll:


Funny! I was just searching this foum for this topic!

Growler has only been with us for 6 nights now. The first night he climbed onto a tiki statue in his viv and slept completely vertical. Th second night he climbed into the silk plants and hung on all night. Now, every night he falls asleep on me, but when I put him back in his viv he goes right to the top of the vines and presses his snout up into the corner.
He sleeps mostly vertical with his tummy pressed against the glass. I worry that the suction cup will give out and he'll fall.... Hopefully we'll have him in his new viv before he's big enough for that!


I have to laugh at the pics on here. We have only had our 2 beardies (2 1/2 weeks old) for 3 nights and the way they sleep is strange. The first night the wee female (Petrie) was sleeping exacting how you describe straight up the tank and the wee male (Spike) was sleeping with his nose in the corner of the tank but flat out on the floor. I thought they might have got cold so moved them together and they stayed like that the whole night.

After being on here yesterday I put a big teddy in with them last night. Its bright green and they ttok great interest in it. When I turned their light off last night I left them for 5-10 minutes and went back in to check what they were up to and Petrie was hanging onto one of the arms and the male was at the other end of the tank.

I tucked them both up under the teddies leg and they had a great wee nights sleep last night.

I am planning on getting them some more toys to play with over the weekend so will see how they get on.
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