Sleeping with your beardie

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I'm currently laying down with irwin snuggled on my neck under a blanket over us with the lights out... Has anyone slept through the night with thief beardie?

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sixxmum":056af said:
I have no experience, but I think "thief beardie" is one of the best typos ever! : )
I'm glad you said it and not me :lol:

I will nap with my beardie....but as far as sleeping with her, I am too restless a sleeper. I would be terrified of rolling over on top of her :shock: she would be a pancaked beardie for the rest of her life!!!

There was a thread about this very same topic months ago and I was surprised at how many people actually do sleep with their bd's.

Dawn :D


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i have had to once, power cut in the middle of winter, and the generator broke, the only way to keep Gizmo from turing into a lizard ice cube was to snuggle in lot's of blankets with me! what a night!! :blob5:


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I fell asleep once with Gucci on my chest. When I woke up something VERY prickly was irritating my neck. Turns out he crawled UNDER my pillow sometime in the night and his tail was up against my neck. Scared the heck outa me!

Also, the other day I fell asleep on the couch with him between my arm and my body. When I woke up, we were for the most part in the same position, but he looked a little...scared maybe? Weird look on his face anyways. He was awake, so I must've woke him up somehow, just before I woke up


oh man im too paranoid to do that.

on a diff forum there was this guy who slept with his basalisk, and he woke up next morning to a dead basi cause he rolled over and smooshed and suffocated him :shock:

So im too scared to sleep with one of mine :p
I have napped with my Eragon on the couch, but I am afraid of having him sleep in the bed. I like him 3D. I would be afraid of rolling on him or suffocating him.
We usually wake in the same position that we fell asleep in!
Thank goodness!!!!


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I've fallen asleep for several hours with a beardie burrito. My beardies are too lazy to move if they're comfy, hee hee. Anyway, napping is fine, but I sometimes thrash wildly in my sleep, so I would never sleep with them unless I absolutely had to (power outage on a cold day, for example).


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I've napped a few times with Digger on my chest, but I would be deathly afraid of having him sleep in bed with me...I do get the occasional nightmare and I'd be afraid I would hurt him !

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When I babysit overnight, Sweetie spends the night on my side of the bed, so hubby doesn't roll over by accident. He's a quiet sleeper and Sweetie really enjoys the treat. She's the only beardie that does this, we've had her the longest and she's 3 yrs old now.


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oh my goodness im an insomniac, i talk in my sleep, thrash about, get restless legs, get night cramps in my calves, have bad dreams, such such a fidget, id sure end up with a beardie pancake by morning thats if they dont run away in the night absolutely terrified of the crazy girl in bed with them! LOL

however they do get their snuggle time in their blankets on my chest then once their asleep they get put back so their safe and sound in their own vivs.
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