SLEEPING TIME! (Official Thread)

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LOL! Some of these images are just freakin' adorable. I love beardies I honestly do, they're such wonderful creatures!

Thought I'd share one of Dude I got this morning. My bunch unfortunately doesn't do anything too crazy with their sleeping habits, but I caught Dude this morning in a position that told me he really loved his rock, since he'd been hugging it allllll night~! :love5:

This is absolutely one of my favorites. It's not a strange position, but more of a reminder as to why the blankie comes out of the tank everyday...


"Haha, stupid human!"



Not the greatest picture but I didn't want to wake him up. I think I would have some difficulty trying to fall asleep with my legs hanging in the breeze :lol:


Not all night but a good portion of it for sure. I remember hearing a little scuttling noise and sure enough he almost lost his grip.


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OK so I posted this pic in the general discussion area just a little bit ago, but this is obviously where it belongs. Chaos was left to his own devices at bedtime tonight....



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Not sure where Nero thought he was going...

And Dude... I must have disturbed him right before the flash went off :|
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