sleeping STANDING UP!!

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well it seems like everynight i check on my beardies one is sleepin peacefully on his stick and the other t(the smaller one) is standing tip toed on the very top of her stick in the corner of the tank SLEEPING!!! and this happens every night!!! it looks so uncomfortable

my camera has been messing up so i have no pics but im hoping to get some soon

anybody else's beardie sleep like this?

Mommy of Sunny

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That is hilarious!! I can't imagine that. Sunny lays on his tile and is so flat it looks like he got ran over by a trailer truck! Even his head is flattened out!


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Mommy of Sunny":feba3 said:
That is hilarious!! I can't imagine that. Sunny lays on his tile and is so flat it looks like he got ran over by a trailer truck! Even his head is flattened out!

my little guy does this too! :D everynight, same spot. flat as a pancake. his head looks huge when he sleeps. lol.


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I actually just came on this site tonight about this same thing. Lindy likes to get up on her hammock, get into a corner and put her face up against the glass so half her body is straight up in the air against the glass and the rest is on the hammock. If she doesn't sleep this way she sleeps dead flat.

I've read others have "bears" in their tank - wondering if I need to add something soft in there for her.


Lenny has two fake plants in his viv, one in either corner. Most nights he climbs about halfway up the silk ivy plant and goes to sleep in that, sometimes upright and sometimes lay down. He's done the flat out thing when we first had him.


My male beardie sleeps up on his cactus I have in his tank upright, and my female just sleeps on her log or where ever she is comfortable..Its funny when they both lean up against the glass and fall asleep


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malibu sleeps with her head covered by her fleece.She backs into the fleece wobbles her but around & shes out till lights on in the a.m.


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my baby did this the very first night we brought her home, it was sooo cute but I just coudn't leave her like that, I got a thick wash cloth and layed her on......she just layed down flat and was out like a light. :mrgreen:


My little guy sleeps just the same on the tallest branch but completely looks like he's standing, I have also cought him sleeping holding on to his leaves in his tank completely vertical, although when he lays flat still sleeping on his branches he hugs his branch with all of his legs too cute!!!!
**BTW new to the site! Very cool!
Heather and lil'Spike
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