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I have a male beardie who is just over a year old he has has the same tank his whole life 40 gallon breeder with the same lighting set up for the last 4 or 5 months and with in the last 3 to 4 weeks he just seems to sleep all the time. He will sleep all day I have to pull him out from where he is sleeping then he acts normal but he has been goin to bed early and not getting up is this normal? Is it have something to do with the time of year, I figured after a while it would change but I think he is getting worse. Any suggestions would b great.


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could be possible brumation. falcor is just over a year old too, and she's been checking in to go to sleep earlier then normal also. there is a good article on brumation on this site, go read it if you can. it could be the time of year also, where are you located, has the temperature changed a little bit, or cooled down some? some beardies are very sensitive to the weather, i know falcor is. i have to take falcor in to see the vet soon, just in case she does decide to brumate, and for a fecal test, you don't want them to brumate with parasites.

what is your cage setup like, what type of uvb lighting, temperatures, etc? if he is brumating, you should leave him be, and lower the temps/lights in the cage, i can't remember to what temp though, i have to go re-read the brumation article myself!!!

here's the link:

i hope someone else swings by, because i'm no expert, i only know things from what i have read here, and by what others have posted and talked about.
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