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~*Slaves to Beardies in Central Oregon?*~

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Just want to know if there's anyone from Bend/Sunriver/La Pine area. Prineville, Sisters and Redmond too!! :blob5:
Would love to see other slaves to our beloved Beardies. :love5:
Thanks!! :wave:


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When I lived in Oregon born in Merlin and moved to Grants Pass, me and some friends rented a house in Sisters for the weekend. It was fun. Pretty area. But, I no longer live in Oregon :cry: miss it, I love the rain.


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We just some snow last Monday, about 5 inches. =/ It's neat to see snow, but I get tired of it quickly.
I lived in Oregon nearly my whole 40+ years of life......and about the last 18 years of it in Bend and Sunriver.
It is a pretty area, I am just not ready for the cold weather just yet.
Now with a new addition to our family, N'tho needs to see more of the sunny, warm side of our area! LOL!
I read that you are from Utah, we have been there a few times and think the area of Ogden, Price and Provo were very nice.
Have a great Friday =)
I have a friend in Sun River but I'm on the Oregon coast....Close! :D
Will be bringing my first beardie gal home next month and I cannot wait.....take care and hope you find some beardie friends over your way...

Teresa (aka Bernadette's mama)

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