Sketches and Q's for possible viv - advice please =)

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Hey all. Sketched up a dream viv that has been gurgling in my brain for some time.
I may change a few small things here or there, the measurements are more of an approximation for now - although I would like to keep the 4 ft long x 2 ft wide.

Please read and check out my sketches (mind you I am not artsy when it comes to sketching out blue prints!) before commenting as there is ALOT (sorry) here - I want to be sure I get this right, and that Spike gets the King's Castle he deserves. I am not sure yet as to decor, or what I want to do yet other than what is in the sketches - one step at a time. I am hoping everyone can follow and get what I am trying for from my sad sketches.
I will write a bit, show sketches, and then ask some q's....

You will see that a foot(in length on left hand side) is cut off and makes a seperate room. This is mainly just a brain burst that I am hoping I can pull off. This seperate room, what I call the "jacuzzi room", is a way he will be able to go and get a soak on whenever he wants. But, the room is seperated so it won't mess up the humidity throughout the whole viv. The door way to this room will be under the ramp area from the 1rst to 2nd floor. The sketch shows just a bowl type for the "jacuzzi", but I was also considering one of those waterfall type things (pic below), so that the water is constantly flowing and filtered. I have also heard that they are more used to this type, that it is more beneficial as they drink from "falling water".
As you can see from the sketch, I have a ramp going from the water up to a ledge so he can bask in the "jacuzzi room" if he chooses. The exact construction of this, of course, may have to change depending on the type of "jacuzzi" used. The "jacuzzi room" will be aprox. 1ftL x 2ftW.
I will understand if this "jacuzzi room" just ends up not happening or feesable, but I really want to give this a shot and see if it will work, so please no "it just not gonna happen" - only help in figuring out how it can :D

The top view gives a better explanation and picture of how I want things. The left side 2nd floor will only go to ramp leading to 3rd floor, and the right side 2nd floor will extend all the way to back wall. The 3rd floor will be about 6" wide with a round balcany so my king can look over his land :D

Front / Straight on view:

From above view:

Okay, my questions:
- How can I keep the water in "jacuzzi" warm?
- Can I use plywood and plexi glass?
- I want to make the front 2 sliding glass doors for easy in/out and cleaning. Honey is afraid roaches, crickets, and the like will be able to sneak between and out - Anyone have this trouble? Experience? Issues, etc?
- I like that now I can view him from every side, can I make whole viv from glass w/ wood frame?
- Is there a difference in which one - wood or glass - that keeps heat in better?
- If I make the whole viv from glass, what will help the secureness of all my floors and such? I want my floors secure and stable, but also considering making a few pieces removable to help with cleaning - advice?
- Ventilation: Is there a rule of thumb? If I have the enclosure being aprox. 18"H x 2ftW x 4ft L, is there a certain amount of vents I should have per foot, etc?

Okay, this is pretty much it for now. It is still going to be a couple months before I will be able to start the actual build, but I thought if I start now with ideas I will be set to build when I want to be.
Please give any advice, comments, etc. I have been checking out the DIY, viv pics only, and other sections where I have and will continually get tips and such also.

Thanks =)


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How can I keep the water in "jacuzzi" warm?
ur gonna get a lot of people telling u this is a bad idea...and frankly ur jacuzzi will end up being a toilet.Keeping it warm will also prove difficult.
- Can I use plywood and plexi glass?
- I like that now I can view him from every side, can I make whole viv from glass w/ wood frame?
Absolutely, tho I think it is easier with one viewing angle.
- Is there a difference in which one - wood or glass - that keeps heat in better?
Both are insulators, as far as which one is a better insulator im not sure.


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Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions. I know it may be difficult, and in the end may prove to not work, but I would still like to at least try the soaking room. I have been keeping my eye out and have been seeing alot of different types of bowls and waterfall type things I can use.
I am also thinking I may not have to worry about another way to keep it warm.. Since the room is going to be blocked off, so it isn't going to be too big, there will be a basking light in their and the water will have some type of filtration - usually this causes the water to be at least room temperature. This is what I have personally experienced with fish tanks, etc., but we will see.
I am thinking maybe trying itin his viv before I build one. Just sectioning off a bit and trying it out first.
I am not too worried about him using the bathroom in it. One, I work at a petstore so I am used to changing out poopied water llike twice a day - when he only poos like once a week. Two, the water will have filtration. And three, I try to soak him on a regular basis and he has never went potty in the bath.

Yeah, although I do like seeing him from all angles right now, I think it will end up all wood except for the front - just easier to deal with.

Again thank you for tanking time out for my questions.

Please keep comments and suggestions coming!


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correct me if im wrong but does that plan say the enclosure is 8" tall? if so i dont think you have room for levels. be sure you use safe UV sources, definitely no MVB's or bad fluorescents(reptiglo10.0, compacts, spirals).

if that says 18" then i have a few tips:

make sure your dragon cant jump or fall from the top level to the bottom while "glass dancing".

moniter the humidity very closely. it is not recomended to mount a heat source over a water dish in a BD viv. it isnt even recomended to use a water dish. if the humidity/heat get high in your tank you could run into mold/mildew problems.

its good to bath your BD every couple days anyhow; it strengthens the bond between you two and gives them some time out of the cage(even if it is a 3-story mansion :mrgreen: ).


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LOL... wow it does say 8 doesn't it - oops, yeah that is just a ... wait, no, it's 18". Sorry had another look, the line looks like it's connected to the one.

Thank you for responding jscott!!! I am leaning towards building it without the bath, although I would still like to figure out a way to do it - seems to be a personal mission of sorts.

The dimensions may be a bit off, and fine tuning will be done before actual build, this was just quick sketches of something that was floating around in my brain for like a good weeks and I had to get it out, down on paper, and on here before it went away :D
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