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Sj my baby

(sorry for any misspelled words it’s late and the past few days have been ruff) First things first thank you for taking the time to read this. This community has helped me with so much. When I had any question about a beardy this website saved me so thank you.

On september 1st 2015 at the young age of 11 i had gotten my friend/ son Spike Jr also known as Sj. I named him Sj because of a character from a show named spike. He was so tiny and yet had a huge personality. He liked being called buddy and would come to you just to nap. I would later find out that he was actually a she! but I always call Sj a boy so he will always be my little boy. I even make up a story saying he was a transgender! Anyways Sj was always up and at it. one time he got out of his cage and went missing! me and my mom searched everywhere for him and after 30 minutes we found him under a rug! he was sleeping!! It was scary at the time but going back it was hilarious. Sj had neighbors too. those neighbors being my pet mice. He would always go and try to eat them but the cage prevented that from happening. Sj also liked cats. He would sleep with my cat Kush quite a lot and not be bothered by her. Whenever I got Sj i knew he was gonna have health issues. The main one being the bone disease. (which I can never remember the name of but if you own a beardy you know what i’m talking about) That never stops him though. i would take him outside and he would enjoy that sunlight and fresh air! I even took him on walks! Last year I moved houses and after a few months of the move something changed with sj. He was uninterested in food and never did anything. I thought this was his hibernation but it would end up being a long fight. Sj became sick. He refused to eat anything I put in front of him. I tried force feeding him small portions but he would end up throwing up. I gave him meds and tried to ease his pain. I would play music and sit him on my lap to make him more comfortable that way too. Although he seemed comfortable he didn’t seem like the old playful beardy anymore.

fast forward to thanksgiving.

My bearded dragon Spike Jr had passed away. He was my best friend. I had my friend for 5 years and I loved every single moment. He was my rock through so much. Although I believe he passed away a little before thanksgiving i had found him gone on thanksgiving morning. When I found him I was in disbelief and shock. He was my only and true friend.

I had placed him into the freezer and took him to the cremation place in my city. I should get him back in a few days, but I will never truly have my baby back.

Sj will forever be remembered as a fighter, a warrior, a beast, a friend and a legend. Rest easy my baby.
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