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I don't want an aquarium because I don't want to have to remove the top to get to my beardie. Having said that while everything I've read says at least 48" long hab for adult beardie I can't find any terrariums that long unless I want one custom built or build it myself. Help?


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Yes, I've never found front-door type vivs except for the really expensive custom jobs, home-made enclosures, and one other place. sell front-sliding-door vivs in the larger sizes at pretty reasonable prices too.
I've bought 2 of the 48x18x17 tanks from them, and they've got even bigger ones available.

***IF you're in an area that they will deliver to, otherwise I'm sure regular shipping costs would destroy you.***

I'm sure there are other places that sell similar...look for actual aquarium shops, ones that build custom jobs.


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Wooden vivariums are much better than aquariums and terraniums for a bearded dragon setup. They retain the heat much better and they dont get confused by all that glass! Also they offer glass sliding doors at the front.


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Not trying to hijack the thread, but where can I find out what size basking bulb to use for my crossfire viv? I"m looking to build one VERY soon and am having a hard time figuring out what wattage bulb to use.

as for the original question, size is important to an extent. most 40gal breeder tanks suffice and they are only 36"x18" i believe. The 4x2x2 are really nice though and like the other person said, wooden enclosures will hold heat better and I think they just look better.
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