Sir Oliver LeLane of the House of Minimum

As some of the older Generation of will remember that I had a series of adventures dealing with my Phira. Phira got his dragon wings on December 22, 2020. Oliver hatched on December 22, 2020. In honor of Phira's 1 year of passing and Oliver's one year of life, I now offer you an introductory story of Sir Oliver LeLane of the House of Minimum. (They are all based on True events with some clearly creative embellishments.)

Me: Hello Oliver.
Oliver: Hello.
Me: How are you today?
Oliver: I have not yet figured out how to eat you. But I will... Oh I will!"
Me: You can't eat me. Who will feed you?"
Oliver: You are fat. You will provide me plenty of food. If only I can... :::Bites Humans Finger::: Dang it. I was hoping I had gotten big enough. Human! You said I would become big and scary. Yet you are not scared of me!
Me: Oliver Buddy. You're the size of my thumb.
Oliver: ::Looks quizzically at the human:: I is not a big scary dragon yet?
Me: No. Not yet. ::picks Oliver up.:: But when you get bigger you're not going to want to eat me.
Oliver: How comes?
Me: Well, Before you there was another dragon of the House. His Name was Lord Saphira Adonis. Eater of Crickets, Climber of Curtains, Rider of Poodles, Crusher of Chips, Great explorer of the house, Heir to the Great Dragon Kingdom Down Under, and Breaker of his Hoomans Heart."
Oliver: Was he a big scary dragon?"
Me: Oh, no. See Phira was a big scary dragon in his own mind, but in his heart of hearts I was a good, sweet dragon. He liked beard kisses and to set on my shoulder and help me do chores. He would mock me all the time, but he loved me. He wasn't afraid of other Hooman's as long as I was near by. He was my friend. And It's my hope that when you get bigger you will be my friend.

One Year Later... ... ...

Me: Oilver. It's time to go night night.
Oliver: Okay. ::Snuggles up on humans chest.::
Me: No you can't sleep on me buddy. You have to go in your Dragon Cave.
Oliver: Just until this TV show is over please? ::Does Comfy wiggles::
Me: Alright fine.
::TV show ends. Goes to put sleeping Oliver in his Dragon Cave.:::
Oliver: HOW DARE YOU! I was comfortable! I will... oh... Oh... that's nice fluffy pillow. Okay. But i'm going to hold on to your finger so you can't go anwhere. :::Oliver Falls asleep::: ::Human pulls finger away::
Me: Scary dragon... Pfffft. Good Night Oliver. ::Walks by a small box:: Good night Phira.

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