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Hey all! I just got my first silk back today and I'm pretty excited but everything I read online about their care and lighting contradicts itself hopefully you guys can help since you have some experience with them ! I had a big basking rock but with the 100watt bulb I got I had to buy something lower so now her basking spot it at 90 degrees and I have a 10.0 uvb which I'd about 10 inches from her. Just wanna make sure she'll live a long healthy life :)


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All temps should be the same just lotion them every few days and your good. Oh and extra baths :D


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Yup, lotion them up, xtra baths and watch the temps close cause they can burn very easy since they don't have the scales of a normal or even a leatherback. Especially make sure the temps on the basking rock don't get over hot as dragons cant really tell temps on their belly. They use their backs as the temp gauge.


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Thank so much! She seemed really weak when I got her and ate like a maniac which seems to be helping her out she was just laying in one spot with her eyes closed but now she's being nosey and looking around more I gave her a bath yesterday and she stuck her face in it and drank for a little so she must have been thirsty too
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