Silkworms a good staple?

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I have seen multiple sources say silkworms are great (but expensive) feeders for beardies/reptiles. They are low in fat but nutritionally amazing from what I've read. I was going to order ~50 with plans to mix in about 8 daily with the usual BSFL and dubias. Right before I ordered, I saw a spreadsheet of the macros and saw they are only 8% protein and have a C:ph ratio of 1:14 (Reptifiles says 1:2.4 though) which rang some alarms in my head. Are these a great staple feeder like everywhere says? Am I overthinking this?
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I wanted to use them as staples but like you said they are expensive but if you can afford it your plan to mix it up with bsfl and Dubia’s is a great plan. I often way overthink this stuff as well but as long as they are not the only thing you feed you’ll be fine.

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If I could only pick a single feeder insect for the lifetime of a dragon, I'd pick silkworms.
Caveat, a varied diet is always going to trump a one single best feeder or a one single best salad item.


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They're definitely a good option to have on rotation with other feeders. They can be hard to find at times though, so if you plan on feeding them regularly, it's probably best to learn to raise them from eggs to have your own source. Having mulberry leaves available can be helpful for this, but the chow mix works too.
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