Silk Beardie has trouble balancing


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Hello, about a week ago i adopted three silk bearded dragons from someone in my area that was giving them away. i did a ton of research on them so i could give them the utmost care since i’ve only had normal beardies in the past as silkies are new to me. i don’t know how old they all are but i’m assuming all adult age but recently one of them has been having trouble walking in terms of balance.

She walks as if she’s blind & has no idea where she’s going. This in turn hinders every quality of her life. I’ll feed her her food with tongs and her aim is so off she’ll miss it & i in turn have to gently rub it on her snout for her to be able to eat it (if i’m even lucky enough to get her to eat). Her balance is so bad i’ve witnessed her falling off her hammock multiple times and even just simple walking in her vivarium looks to be a struggle. Bath time i have to hold her on the palm of my hand for the duration to make sure she doesn’t drown because even the shallowest of water she will turn herself over in. I can barely get her to eat but the most she’ll eat is two pieces of greens and a super worm in one sitting. She of course appears to be underweight as my two other dragons almost double her weight in size. I would like to note they aren’t sharing this same problem.

Another thing i’ve noticed is she sleeps a lot. Literally in the middle of feeding she’ll close her eyes and drift off to sleep. I’d say 95% of the time she’s been sleeping. I know some might think this could be brumation but the balance issue doesn’t make sense still.

She lives in a 40 gallon enclosure separate from the others and has a uvb coil (i don’t remember what uv but it’s appropriate) and 100 watt basking bulb (don’t fret i’ve ordered a repti sun 5.0 it’s on the way)

I’ve been trying to get in touch with a vet but they need fresh stool to examine her but i can’t get her to poop.

side note: when i first got them i read some threads on here talking about the udderly smooth cream for silkies so i bought some and used the lightly scented on her. to my mistake it was the “lightly scented” and i immediately rinsed it all off of her in a panic & im curious if that has a part in this. I didn’t use it on my other silkies... i now use vegetable glycerin which is perfect.


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here’s a clip of her eating as i don’t have one of her walking currently. I had to separate it into three vids because of the limit on here


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Hi there, that's probably genetic but could be a number of reasons that she developed this problem. Sometimes a lack of Vit. B or calcium + D3 can contribute to neurological problems in beardies. You might want to get a better uvb than the coil or compact, a Reptisun 10.0 t8 is good for silkies. What do you use for supplements ? Be sure to have high quality calcium with D3 as well as a multivit with B vitamins. The other silkies are doing O. K ? And can you post pics of their entire set ups including lights ?

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I agree, it is most likely genetic issues. Silkies are specialized & definitely have trouble with skin especially. As far as the eye
issues, it could be related to nutrition or lighting perhaps. Be sure it is bright enough in the tank to protect the eyes from the UVB.
You have a Reptisun 5 tube bulb coming now?
Are your vitamins that you use supplying beta carotene to help with the eyes?
I hope that the others are doing well. Let us know how she is doing.


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