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My female bearded dragon is 4 years old and had her reproductive organs removed 2 years ago b/c of complications. a year after the surgery they grew back (something the doctor didn't mention before). Now she is having trouble walking, doesn't use her front legs or lift her head. We've tried bathing her several times with no change. She also isn't eating well. Could there be an impaction again or is age just catching up with her?
awww that sounds awful, but im sorry i don't really now. age isn't too bad the can live upto 10years or even more. inpaction usally paralysises back legs, i can ioly ask weather u have taken her to the vet (soz for spelling) it could be MBD which is from no or lack of uvb or calcium or both, have you been changing your bulbs every 6 months powdering crickets, maybe too many crickets. eather way it sounds like if it is MBD its too late, i hope you do find outs what wrong, i think its bad how none of the more experienced BD owners have commented, best of luck :(
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