Sick beardie constantly laying eggs

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Parasite Flushes are quite common here, now that makes me worry - all they do is give panacur (to kill parasites) then give an enema to flush the colon and then water to make sure its clean (as far as im aware anyway) All new dragons get them when first adopted and taken for their first vet visits.

I also would have liked her to have eaten more and am worried about the stress of staying over but this vet has a very good track record and has hardly lost a beardie (the reason im willing to pay through the nose and drive so far to see him) so I trust his judgement but still look at my phone every few seconds to check if hes called and then pull myself away from the phone to stop myself calling him constantly.
I am going to phone again tomorrow to see how my girly is doing.

Peta is very stressed and is running all over the viv looking for Tilly, she wont eat or anything - will this calm down?

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Well if that's the commonly accepted way they do it i your country and the vet has an actual positive track record that you can review then she is hopefully getting the right treatment. :)

And Peta may be upset for a bit, but if she likes snuggling then maybe just give her a little extra attention every day.


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Vet phoned today and the bloods came back - white blood cell count is high, so there is definitely an infection somewhere, red blood cell count is normal so there is less risk when the surgery is done that she will bleed out, and kidneys are good but liver is poor, she will need 2-3 weeks of liver treatment (yet to find out what that entails) and surgery is set for tomorrow at 11am, if all goes well I can fetch her Thursday afternoon! She is still not eating on her own but she is looking brighter they say.

Peta is doing well and loving the added attention, shes eating like a piggy again and is enjoying Tillys "special recovery food" hehehe!

Thanks all for the advice and good wishes, we are no where close to being out of the woods but I can rest easy Tilly is improving!
Will let you know how surgery goes.

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Wishing the best for poor Tilly ! With liver problems you definitely want to avoid dog food. When she comes home, offer the greens smoothies with crickets or find some alfalfa meal if you can get it. Dandelion is good for the liver, so if you can get it, add that to the mix....greens , crickets and water mixed together will be a good smoothie 2-3X a day.

Good to hear that Peta is enjoying the extra attention and enjoying the special grub. :)


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An update on Tilly:
Surgery went well - She is still very weak but better than last night (according to vet) He wants to keeps her another night, which breaks my heart - I just want my baby home now! He would like to monitor her as shes not eating on her own - but I dont think she will for a while as she hasnt eaten on her own in days and shes sore and in a strange environment? I think she will eat when she can be home with the family again.
Vet will send us home with injections (liver treatment and Antibiotics) to be injected into her arms for 10 days. :( :(
I am going to fully disinfect her tank daily, take out the water dish (incase she lays in it with her stitches still in) and keep her quiet and separate for the next week.
Any south africans willing to lend me a spare viv????

Heres holding thumbs that I can fetch her tomorrow!

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Is she home yet , and if so how is she doing ? I think oral meds. would be less stressful if you're able to get her to take them.


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Tilly came home today - she has no antibiotics left but I am to feed her by syringe for the next week with milk thistle mixed in to help her liver.
Today was quite warm - 33degrees Celsius so the car right for her wasnt stressful and she was pretty relaxed when i put her in her viv.
However when I came home from work this evening I fund her laying on the floor very flat - immediately phoned vet and theres nothing to worry about at this stage as she was still weak in hospital, Im still worried!! she now weighs 450grams - shes lost since monday!

I was instructed to only feed 2% of her body weight a day for the next week but this seems very little???
Im just being very paranoid I guess

Thanks for all your help - now the long journey to weight gain begins! I have ordered a whole bunch of silkworms and salads so lets see!
Thanks Kyleena, I will take a look - will def try anything to help my girlie!


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I'm glad you got your baby back. Are you giving her probiotics now? I don't want to undermine the vet's advice so maybe after a few days give her a little extra food? Did you get any of the items I listed in the above post, they might really help her out right now. I hope she gets better soon!


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I dont have anything yet, I will get tomorrow. as for probiotic - i have that ready for tomorrows feed. with salad and cricket milkshake :D not my cup of tea but a lizards dream! hehehe! will be adding banana as its her absolute favourite.
Have to resist the urge to smuggle her into work with me tomorrow :lol:

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The home made smoothies will be excellent, loaded with nutrition from the veggies . Critical Care formula can be part of the diet if they have it, but I think the home made is at least as good and in some ways better. I hope to hear a good report and no complications !


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We dont have anything like Critical Care here, I will be adding the dog food (specially made for sick dog or dog recovering from surgery) to her smoothie.
I offered her salad this morning (regular greens, pear and cauliflower) she was not interested - but Peta Dived right - Will offer smoothie when I get home from work.

My Silkies should arrive this afternoon too so that will be nice for her.
She was very flat last night, and so I left her to find her dark hole to hide in - this morning she was still there but when I checked on her before I left for work she was on her basking spot.

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How does she seem to be doing, aside from not eating ? I was thinking it might be best to keep Peta in a different tank [ leaving Tilly in the tank she's used to ] to keep possibility of contact to her surgical site to a minimum. With an extra lizard in the tank there will be extra poo that can accidentally be crawled in to, so being solitary for about a week might be best. I also would make the delicious smoothies with just veg and bugs like crickets + silkworms. :) The dog food is for dogs, is fatty and not right for lizards, esp. since she has a liver problem. Vets in the U.S used to prescribe it as well years ago but most have ceased prescribing it for those reasons.

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That is great Tilly is home now, poor girl has been through a lot.
I was afraid that her liver would be in ragged condition due to overlaying. The liver can heal &
regenerate itself so definitely keep up with the milk thistle & hydration as your vet suggests.
She should love the silkworms you have ordered for her, also. They are high in protein & low in fat so that will be healthy for her.
I agree the dog food is ok in a pinch, but it is very fatty & too high in protein for lizards. Critical care, carnivore care or herbivore care, etc would be good, if your vet can find something like that there in South Africa. What about chicken or turkey baby food, can you find something like that?
I am glad that she responded well to the parasite flush. I have heard of that before, but not for lizards. The vets do something similar to that for livestock.
At least the surgery went well for her also! That is so stressful on them.

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