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About 6 yrs ago I decided to get a green iguana. I studied every pices of lierature I could find and was completely fascinated. Finally after almost a year of researching and months of setting up I brought home a baby green iguana. I absolutely loved him, he was perfect in anyway and as mild tempered as a puppy. He would sit on our computer monitor becasue he loved the warmth and the hand outs of food :D If he were free roaming and heard the fridge door open he'd scurry out to the kitchen in hopes of snagging some fruit, and he'd always lounge on the back of the couch when people were home because he loved being near us. I built him a beautiful 6' enclsoure and he was the best pet and hobby ever! After 3yrs of having the ig we had our first child and I didn't anticipate the terrible reaction this would have on my beloved pet. The babies non stop crying (6mon of collic) made my ig very shy and he eventually refused to free roam around. Once our son could crawl he would of course go right for the enclsoure. I moved my iguana enclosure out of the livingroom and into a spare bedroom to try and reduce the stress but eventually my iguana retreated so much he couldn't even be handled anymore and I knew I had to find something better for him. It broke my heart and I was completely crushed but I found a GREAT home for him (kid free) and he went right back to his awsome self. That was many years ago now and we now have 2 boys (3yrs and 6yrs). Last year I finally started to get back into the reptile hobby and made sure this time to get "kid friendly" reptiles. We currently have a german giant/sandfire BD, a Leucistic BD, as well as a high yellow gecko and a mack snow gecko, all completely friendly and my boys can feed and handle them all (supervised of course!!!) ...... although they are all amazing I still sooo sooo sooooooo want an iguana again.

Soooo .. looking for advise. Does anyone out there have young kids and iguanas? Now that my kids are no longer crying/crawling/screaming machines I am tempted to get another one. Looking for suggestions.

Below are pics of my last beloved iguana.




I would build this EXACT same enclosure again, it was perfect for temps and humidity! The large glass panes in the front (both top and bottom) open on hinges to allow easy access. The back was built on a 90 degree angle to fit into a corner and take up less room and the height allowed for lots of climbing space.


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i would recommend waiting until they are older-for their sake and the ig's. My frankie is a perfect angel, but he has accidentally bitten me trying to get food out of my hand, he has scratched me numerous times to the point of bleeding, and the tail whips hurt me, a full grown adult......... as far as the safety of the iggy-don't forget their tails come off and that little ones like to grab things. they also like to poke things, chase things, etc. not to mention little ones like to touch them, and they aren't as good about washing hands as adults.... i know you know all of this tho, as you seem well researched on the breed :) as long as you don't have any more kids, you should be ready for another ig in 3-6 years or so. by then the boys will be old enough i'd say-because i know you'd teach them all about proper handling before you even brought the new baby home


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LOL .. well i've held off for now ..been trying to occupy myself with other projects, have a good mix of leopard gecko morphy for my breeding project (just got a female albino jungle tangerine and a female albino patternless tremper this past week). I have a mack snow male and a high yellow male so trying to decide now which I want to mix :) Also started a superworm colony recenlty and got finally got some beetles now.

..... but none are cooler or more impressive then an iguana :( .. so so so want one .. we'll see come spring .. I may call in that one as a bday gift hahaha

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That is cool. Yea they had an IG up at the pet store up for adoption for 50 bucks. I almost got him. I picked him up and he started to shake back and fourth real fast, then I rubbed under his chin and he calmed down. Poor thing his nails where long half his tail was gone and he was in a cage 2 times smaller then him. He was about 24 inches.


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aaaawwwww :x Pretty sad when the pet store can't look after it because you know they are just selling whatever pets they can too whoever they can and the people buying them will not be given proper care infomation .. of course they shouldn't buy any pet without doing their own research in advanced but poor reptiles tend to be cool impulse purchases and the novelty quickly wears off. Igs get big FAST and I was easily spending $20 a week on fresh produce .. plus my enclosure cost a fortune and I would of needed a much larger one eventually.

But I'm a sucker for punishment cuz I sooo want another lol and if you care ofr them properly they are so healthly and so social, cute little personalities like a puppy :D
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