Should I get another beardie?

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Dear all readers,

Some of you (I doubt it) might have read my topic in Beardie memorials, about how I lost Scotty, my first beardie. I read a poem on Pinky's memorial that really touched me. It told me "Not to keep this love, but share it with another like me."

Anyhoo, I am now debating whether or not I should get another beardie.

My older brother makes scathing remarks whenever I ask if we could go to the pet store. I even think I have the money ($156.00) to pick my favorite this time (Scotty was a birthday gift. That doesn't ease the pain.) I already have the supplies from him, but I don't want to lose one after 3 months together like Scotty.

Okay, finishing up, just here's the thing. Should I get another, or just leave the subject alone?


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I think it would be a wonderful idea to get another as long as you are confident in your set up/care abilities. Everyone should have a beardie to love :D


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I recommend getting a new dragon if you feel you are ready.

I unexpectedly lost my first bearded dragon this year also. I thought I was very prepared for my first Beardie. Midas came to me as a surprise, and I managed to keep her well cared for every day till the bad day. I had hoped to have her for several years. I didn't make any mistakes getting her setup, but I made a stupid mistake when everything should have been going well. I'm still sad today because I was looking at some of Midas's great pictures and sharing them.

But now I'm enjoying Knecco every day. They have personalities, so I can't just replace Midas. But doing good for Knecco is nicer than storing a bunch of unused equipment.


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Its completely up to you,
I Know getting over them is hard,
Me personally, im not ready to get another beardie just yet..
But if you think you are go for it :wink:
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