Should I get an adult, juvenile, or baby tegu?

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Hello, other reptile discussion viewers. All the other tegu websites would not let me sign up, so here I am. I have a question for the future. I'll be getting a tegu when the time is right. I want to know if I should get an adult, baby, or juvenile tegu. I am definitely getting an argentine black and white since they are the easiest to tame. I've heard babies are easiest to tame but some people have gotten juveniles and adults and they have been perfectly tame too. Also, if I get a baby I feel like it will take too long to grow up, and I want a free roam tegu so the baby would hide too much, it can be too fast, and I'd lose them. I'm thinking about a juvenile because they are not too big, not too small, and they're middle aged so I can spend like half the years with them. If I got an adult, maybe it'd be hard to tame and I'd spend less years with them but I could definitely make it free roam. Please help me choose!


Did you decide yet?

I would suggest a juvenile since it can still be tamed but isn't so delicate and small.

Best of luck!!

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This is an old post so not sure if OP is around... but Depending on where you live free roaming is pretty unhealthy for tegus. The sort of environment humans are most comfortable with are too cold and dry for a tegu.
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