Should Bearded Dragon's Toes Bend?

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I have a Bearded Dragon that is 3 months old & i've noticed that his toes often bend in weird ways, It kind of looks like its broken but they always straighten back out. Is this normal?
If you look at his back foot on the left you will notice one of his toes is bent in an awkward direction.



Do they stay like that for periods of time? and if so, what type of UVB lighting are you using?

Otherwise, it's fine, the toes are flexible.


I used to freak out as well every time my beardie's toes did that. But then he would move somewhere else and his toes would straighten out and look fine again. I just figured that beardie's toes are flexible because they are such avid climbers..


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To Gickels response, No they only stay like that when he is in the position. When he moves they go back normal.

And to Shally, I'm glad to hear that I'm not the only one. Thank for your input!


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it might be a broken toe from a nip that the dragon released his toe before it was bit off nothing id worry about my hypo has the same problem and hes my fastest dragon out of my whole bunch


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I wouldn't be worried at all. Buddy's toes are always every which way (well not always..), just depends on if he catches it on a rock or something. They are very flexible and as long as they always can be straightened back out, I don't worry. He doesn't seems to mind it. I play with his toes even, he don't care. If I can find pictures, I'll post them. It's normal for me. =]
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