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Shedding weeks apart


New member

I’ve had my bearded dragon for about 6 weeks now he’s only a juvenile, however when I got him his tail was a grey-ish colour already so I knew he was due to shed. About week later he shed his tail and all was fine. Then week after that he shed his legs… which I thought was a bit strange. And about week and half after that his head and body is the grey-ish colour looking like it’s due to shed. Is it normal for them to shed different body parts weeks apart from each other? I always thought they do it in one go, but still new to caring for a bearded dragon so any advice would be amazing!


BD.org Sicko
Staff member
Yep, that's totally normal. The young dragons will shed frequently and tend to shed all at once, but as they get older the shedding is less frequent and much patchier. Sometimes they'll even shed just a scale at a time.


New member
Original Poster
I’m just worried he wasn’t shedding all at once just different body part each week, but thank you for getting back to me ?
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