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She saw her reflection & became Sonic


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Mari saw her reflection today on my jewelry box and turned her beard and tail black and when she saw the beardie in the mirror was doing the same thing she RAN super duper fast across my room in a very comical looking way but she was ANGRY & started head bobbing and basically I had to cover my jewelry box in masking tape because she was getting angry at herself. I have the video but I can’t post it here unfortunately. Omg it’s hilarious how fast she ran, she had her head low like a battering ram almost & slid across my floor while doing head bobs. Yes she’s 100% female, just doesn’t like thinking there’s another beardie in the area. I can say for 100% fact that she’s not compatible with others.
I also think Hurricane Henri might have to do with it because it’s supposed to make landfall soon in my town and it’s pretty violent lol. I’m up for a tornado watch in my area because 2 am tornadoes are highly possible here lol. I should probably not sleep in my underwear tonight.
Oh yeah that happens with my lil buddy. He has a wonderful temperament when it comes to humans, but if he catches a glimpse of his reflection it’s all battering ram, speeding across the flood to bite that terrible imposter. Head bopping and tail in an upward curve.

Dang!! I’m wishing you all the luck with that weather coming. Are you prepared? I used to live in Texas and tornadoes and hurricanes are no joke. I was in the Red Cross volunteer crew for tornado aftermath, and honestly it’s insane what they can do.
There’s some good emergency kits lists and instructions for reptiles in a natural disaster, if you haven’t already seen those. And let me tell ya, your gonna want to have bottled water on hand if that hurricane comes through.
I hope you, your friends and family and the your pets stay safe! Good luck ?
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