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Pike has never glass danced before,, he dose a different verison where all four feet stay on the ground. While Ive been sick, so I finally go0t some meds today. I went to take a nap, and put a towel over the glass dorrs so the light wouldnt wake me up. I woke up to sound insteard. When I looked over, I saw Pike's shadow, HE WAS GLASS DANCING. I grabed my camera and moved on of the towels, and as soon as he saw me, he jumped down, then gave me an innocent look........damn, I missed my photo opp.


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Aw, his first glass dance. I bet that was funny... a silouhette shakin it behind a towel like he's a showgirl. :lol: I made the mistake of getting mine out every time they started climbing up the glass. Next thing I knew I'd be busy doing something and hear WHOMP WHOMP.
And then I purchased pretty backgrounds so they stopped. :D


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Haha! A showbeardie. LOL, thats a funny idea...maybe the next step will be starting watching beardie porn when Im not around. :laughhard: :laughhard:
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