Sexing dragons with flashlight?


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i tired it on both my beardies! apparently, Lizarto stares at me for looking at his tail like "hey, what are you doing?"
squishy is a male
lizarto. i do not know... i tried to look for the black marking, i don't see any. i don't think lizarto has any. :( :shock:
i may have a female and not even know it. :oops:


I did this when I brought home Mica, who was three months old at the time. I was doubtful about the results, since it's commonly said that beardies can't be sexed until they're older, but it was accurate!



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I'm brand new to this forum and bearded, but found this method to work like a charm!! I've had me GIRL for a week and a day, so no skill required to use this technique. All you need is a flashlight and a dark room. (And maybe an extra hand, unless your not holding your beardie!)
I'd been referring to Bandit as a "she" out of habit, because my last beardie was female. Turns out Bandit actually is a girl, if this method works at three months old! Thanks for the trick, I need to remember this one :)

(Edit - It was Bandit's first trip to the vet this morning. Vet said that 'she' looks more like a male, but it's too soon to tell for sure. Vet also suspected that Bandit is younger than we were told - 8 weeks, at most, when we were told 3 months. A bit naughty of the store, really!)


I've done this twice with my beardie, just to make sure. I can't even explain the stink eye she gave me after. I've never seen anything like it. :lol:

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You can try but it's not very accurate. If you like, post a few pics of your baby with tail arched as in the pic both with and without the flashlight. I can usually tell on babies.


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This method worked great for me when Guac was just a little squiggle... Now he's a big boy with huge pores and easily spotted "bulges", so. You know. N of one, but it did work for me. :)


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I just recently took my two dragons to the Vet and they told me they couldn't tell how old they are or even what sex they are. My Coco is about 12 inches long and my Mushu is about 11 inches. I figured they would at least know the sex if not the age. Any idea?


Long time lurker/first post. I think this method of sexing by flashlight is brilliant. I believe Lanin is male, but, I am not 100 % sure. Please take a look and let me know. The pic quality is not the best. I'll post more if needed tomorrow when Lanin wakes.


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