Sexing dragons with flashlight?

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Yes, that's a great method. The dark areas in the male are called the hemipenes...there are 2 of them and a male can use either one.


I did this with my 2 month old, the same picture too, about a week back.

I think I could make out the testicles, so in my opinion, this is the best method :D

(Without going to the vet and get them to do whatever they do to check :p)

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Hey guys... would someone be willing to take pictures of good male and female examples of doing this, and authorize it to be used on a post on the home page? While not a new technique, it is a pretty slick one. I don't know how many times people have asked how to sex their beardie. Our own article on the topic relies on the older method of looking for the lumps when holding a certain way... but I wrote that back in 2002, or so. It might be time to get some good shots of this and I can make a short article/post on the home page.

For those who have kept track of me, I no longer have beardies myself. My three dragons lives good lives. After they passed (a while ago now), I decided my life was in a different place and chose not to get more beardies. But I still love the animals and thus still keep this website going.... anyway... that is the reason I cannot take these pictures myself and rely on the community to help with good pictures of such things. But I want to use pictures from someone on the site, and not just seek permission from people on other sites. I like the idea of content coming from our own community (always have).

I've done this on my now around 2 month old dragon, looks like it a female idk if it's the same until a certain age did this like 2 weeks ago ha, hope it helps everyone but can you tell when They are baby's? Like 2 weeks old??

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I don't think 2 months is quite old enough yet. Probably closer to 6-8 months.
Well mins bout 2 months old, looks like a female but idk if it will change, plus I checked her like that a couple weeks ago. Named her nissi (ne-see) lol what will it think if she turned out to be a he :) :) :) :)


Using the bumps is a good way to sex geckos, but not beardies. I thought I had a male, then I used the flashlight and the results showed female, which the vet also confirmed.


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Using flashlight is a very good way to sex a dragon


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