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Mom of a beardie-owner-to-be here, looking for things to sew for said lizard that there is a good chance they would actually use. The triangle sling/hammock looks pretty straightforward, when googling "fabric bearded dragon hides" I found this:

and was wondering if this is something it might actually use. I also saw a "brumation sleeping bag", :lol:

Are they attracted to certain colors more than others, or should I just let my son pick out whatever fabrics he wants?



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Does your machine have embroidery capability? (DW is a quilter)
I think there are a lot more (creative) possibilities there (for stuff for you & son) than just sewing for the dragon.

I do have 2 concerns (so far, OTTOMH) about sewing projects for beardies.

  • 1. Leashes. I'm against them--too much risk of injuring/losing the lizard. There are better/safer options.

    2. Eating fabric, thread, string, etc. They'll taste anything, and possibly take a bite.


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I quilt also, but on the machine mainly stitch in the ditch, and hand quilt details. I've made plenty of different things, custom hairnets (I'm a lunch lady, I have several including Taco Tuesday and Pizza Friday), book bags for the boys, pillows, sleeping bags and "quilts" for stuffed animals when the boys were younger.....

Mainly looking into the possibility of customizing the terrarium decor- hammocks, hides, etc. I would use 100% cotton fabrics. I've seen posts about filling a small box with flannel pieces for a dig box and figured it should be ok to sew some stuff up as long as a taste didn't become a snack....
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