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She is such a sweetie. I understand not over feeding pets. I do get it, but im not really a fan of not offering food daily. Beardies are pretty good about not gorging themselves. I keep fresh salad everday, but i also offer insects. If they want them they eat them, if they don't want them they ignore them. But one thing about it their little bellies are not going to be hungry. I know alot of people will disagree with me but my beardies are healthy and at a good weight

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How is Littlefoote doing today, any changes or improvements?
Please keep us posted on how she is doing, we are all pulling for her.



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Hello Tracie and all who are following this thread.

Littlefoot is truckin' along. I would not say there is really any improvement, but things are not worse (at least on the outside). I have not seen any toe tapping in a week or so, but given that she does not do this a lot anyway I am not going to say it is resolved. She is still a very gimpy walker, although, she seems to be a stronger gimpy walker :) Again, this is nothing new, and has been noticed since the septic arthritis years ago, although it has got worse over the years and shakier.

She is eating very well, still won't eat those veggies despite adding cherries, or strawberries or bee pollen...sigh. Although yesterday I gave her hornworms (3) and silks (4) and she got some veg. on those sticky legs. I am giving her my Magic Bullet slurries as well, so she gets at least 10 mls of veg anyway.

She gets up every morning, and will crawl out her bed, bask 3/4 of the day and then retreat to her cool side. She is not black bearded at all. She takes naps, but she is 10.5, so I guess that is normal.

If I figure out how to upload video to here, I got some walking videos to post. In the meantime, this is how she gets tucked into bed every night. I bolster her in case of further seizure, but so far, so good.

She is taking her liquid calcium every day and is still on the ceftazidime injections. We have a follow up scheduled for Aug 16th.


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Poor girl, but you gotta hand it to her she keeps going! I am impressed, she is such a trooper.
I am so happy that you have been able to give her the will to live because she is happy & that
encourages her to want to be with you.
Maybe she will improve a little along the way, it is hard to know but we are all pulling for her.


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