Seems mad at me ha!


So without going into too much detail, my BD I bought her at 5.5 years old, ops etc etc but I think the previous owner kept her viv on the floor but it was a smaller viv and when I got her I upgraded to 4-2-2 and it's been on the floor for 2 years almost. However, recently I decided to get a cabinet, same make as the viv but to raise her off the ground since I had bad thoughts that if a flood happened etc etc.

Now, I've only recently noticed that when I've had her out and pick her up to lower her down then she makes a noise (similar to use blowing out our nose) and I feel maybe she is scared when being lowered... But back to the viv, since I've put her viv on top of the cabinet (a couple days ago) she has not eaten much and attitude has changed and she seems a bit pissed off.

Could this be due to the change of environment sort of? As I know BDs don't like change.


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That is a very nice looking setup 👌. I agree she will settle down after an adjustment period.


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Hi there, that's a beautiful enclosure. Her change in mood can be attributed to the change in her environment. She should settle down in a while. :)
Thank you! Yes she is spoilt with the best things, LED light for full spectrum lighting as they say! Thanks for the kind words.


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Beautiful set up- she is mad that she can't get in and out as she pleases. Speaking from experience. She will get over it! :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO: The attitude problem, get that together now as you will have a mess on your hands like me. My beardie has me wrapped around his fingers so now he bangs and bangs and bangs loudly until I let him out. (I hold my head in shame). No works but not all of the time.
Typing as he sits in the window...guess today is one of those times.

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