• Happy "Appreciate a Dragon Day" everyone!
    Yes, apparently, that's actually a thing every January 16th! Granted, I think they meant it more for mythical winged creatures... but I'm happy to co-opt it a little!
  • January Photo Competition!
    Gather the best photos of your bearded dragons... the theme for this month is "Goofball beardies!" For details check out the January Photo Compeitition thread.


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Wow! Absolutely unacceptable... I had to confront a petco manager a week or so ago. I always enjoy walking by their tanks to see what reptiles they have and of course they had a cage overcrowded with bearded dragons. One was partricularly stressed and way too skinny. I got the managers attention, he opened the cage and the little guy barely budged.. the manager assured me it would go under observation in the back until he was back to good health.


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They are full of it... they just want money and to go home after work they get paid too little to care and with the hiring process Michael Vick could get in there
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