Scary story involving tree-style Cage Decor from PetSmart!!

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Kalyn876":3qae86g7 said:
Ick! I always check my new decor for holes before it goes in the tank just for this reason. I recently purchased All Living Things gnarled wood (plastic) and found a cricket size hole in it, sealed it with silicone and good to go. But really? why would there be a hole in it? Baffles me..

Here is a link to the plastic gnarled wood in case anyone wants to see it.
lol! What? That doesn't look like something that should have a hole in it.. :| that's so weird..


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A lot of pieces of plastic decor have holes in them, so that they will sink if you put them in aquariums. But yeah, they are super annoying when you try to use them for reptiles. Luckily I don't let feeders roam in any of my cages!
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