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Scale curling and white lump


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Hey there!

I’m new to this website but I couldn’t seem to find any answers to my questions about my bearded dragon so if you see this help would be appreciated!

I’ve had Godzilla for almost two years now and have raised him since he was a baby. For a few months he’s had major scale curling on his back and a white bump has formed on his right shoulder. I feed him kale, super worms, peppers, and any other beardie-appropriate vegetable I can get into him (he’s pretty picky). Usually I cover bugs with calcium powder before giving them to him but it doesn’t seem to help. Are these signs if metabolic bone disease? I’m pretty stumped and could use some feedback!


BD.org Sicko
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Do you have any pictures of the scale irregularities? It doesn't sound like metabolic bone
disease but maybe an infection or irritation of the scale area.
Pictures would be good. Is the lump hard or soft to the touch?
Which type/brand of UVB light do you have for him?

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