Saved an iguana today...

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I've always considered an iguana, and have spent hours reading into them, just out of interest. I wanted to wait a while longer until I felt that I was ready, but I was at a flea market today and saw an juvenile iguana in a tiny little aquarium. He seemed to be in good health, but had to source of light or heat. I couldn't just leave him there, so I had to take him home.

Now, I feel like I'm adequately prepared for the iguana, (besides the enclosure, which I'm starting on tuesday. He's currently in a 20 gallon tank, but I want him in a bigger one), but I was wondering if anyone had any good forums similar to these that you could all point me towards. The kingsnake one isn't organized the way I would like it to, and it seems like there aren't a whole lot better ones out there. Does anyone participate in an iguana forum that is a little more active and/or well organized that kingsnake?

Also, any other websites or information a new owner should know? I know a lot, but I could always know more.


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Well if you haven't already read the brick that is "Green Iguana - The Ultimate Owner's Manual" then here's the site (it's really hard to remember I swear).

Anywho, I don't own an iggy, though I would like to, and this is one of the books that I've been reading, and it's very thorough and easy to read. I would definitely recommend it.


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A couple months late... But if you haven't found it yet, Green Iguana Society ( is my favorite Iguana reference hands down. Rob461 already linked to their forum, but there's a link on the main page, too. I'm like you--spend way too much time researching iggies, just waiting for the day that I'm actually ready to care for one. (Or three, or five... There's a lot of Iggies here in Utah that need rescuing, you know... lol)

Kudos on the rescue. How's he doing for you so far? :)


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Hey floof, sorry for the delay, I usually just come on here to look on the beardie stuff. Never really scroll down this far, haha.

Well, my little iguana is moved into a larger sub-adult enclosure, and I'm currently in the middle of building his adult enclosure. He's still a little fireball, but he seems very defensive, never aggressive, which is a good sign. He'll tail whip, but never bites. He's hand feeding if I hold him, but not if he's in the cage. It's been a long three months, but I haven't given up, because I know I've got a long way to go! I'll post up some pictures here when I get the chance to take them, I've just been working a lot to keep the funding coming for the bigger enclosures. :roll:


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Glad to hear he's doing well!!! And that his temperament isn't TOO bad. Hopefully he'll tame down for you before he hits 5+ ft... lol

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I would love to see some pictures of your iguana. That is great he is coming along then, so well. They do take time to tame down so keep trying. AT least he is not biting, that is an excellent sign.
The large enclosure will be very important for him, since he will grow quite large.
Great job!

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