Sarth, Daeds, & Starling **5/28 First Camping Trip Pics!**

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I figured I would post some pics of Sarth...even though he hasn't been eating very well the past month he still finds every opportunity to be cute! I think I might just keep adding pics to this thread along with my blog, we will see!

The most recent ones are at the top.

I thought this was adorable...he was kind of lounging against the glass, looking at me like "what?!"

Just trying out a close-up of his's hard to get good pics during the weekdays when the sun is going down by the time I get home

Scoping out his rearranged tank

Morning stretches, as usual :)

Him looking *really* grumpy sitting in the sun on the back of our recliner. And I put his tail like that, lol

My husband took this :roll:

A rare shot of him actually eating his salad

Watching Glee with me!

He loves to explore the coffee table, not sure why

I did not put him like this, lol. I should have entered it in this months photo competition!

Him still being really mad from the vet's visit the night before. He looked so hilarious, all puffed up with the black beard. I started petting him and he deflated while managing to look confused.

Just looking cute. This was right around when he stopped eating about a month ago.


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79 at night is about what it is here. Been nice during the day the past few, mid 80's and sunny. I've gotten Scully out for at least 30 mins a day. I had Daeds out with her too and boy was she excited, she was tearing through the grass, while Scully kind of watched her disdainfully, lol.

Sculls got 5 roaches yesterday, poor thing scarfed them down so fast she didn't realize she had eaten them all, lol! She'll get 5 more tomorrow. She is less excited about her collards and squash now that she's catching on that's all she gets on non bug days.

Haven't heard back from the vet yet so I will probably call tomorrow to see if they got those results.


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Well I talked to the vet yesterday who said the ionized calcium level came back smack dab in the middle of normal. She said she wished it almost didn't so that we could have something concrete to attribute Scully's problems with! She said at this point it's most likely muscle weakness from the double clutch. So we'll keep with the new diet but she told me to stop the calcium meds she gave me and just continue with the powder so we don't overdose her on calcium.

So all in all Sculls is good. Was a lot of money to spend for the answer to be she just needs R&R, but I had a lot of worries that were laid to rest, now we can just focus on her getting her strength back :) I've been getting her in the sun everyday, thankfully we have the weather for it finally. Her arms don't shake as bad as they were the last couple weeks but she's got a bit to go before she's back to running around the backyard, which she *really* wants to do.

Anyway that's all I have, just wanted to give a Scully update! The other two are their usual selves, so hopefully it's smooth sailing from here!

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I'm so glad that Scully's all right and I really hope her leg heals up good as new. Get well soon, Scully!

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What might help, too, is B complex and bee pollen. Both of these have great healing properties and won't hurt, that's for sure. I have a friend who's beardie was in bad shape when she got her, those two things helped a lot with weakness. So if you don't have those already, try getting some. Bee pollen you get in health food stores, the Bcomplex I think you can get on Cheryl's site They won't hurt and just my help. I'm glad the vet did the blood tests for calcium and that her levels are good, that's a great relief!

Scully, you listen to your mom and do what she says, k? Then you'll get all better & hopefully won't lay any more eggs, either!


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As luck would have it a Whole Foods had a grand opening a few miles from my house, so I bought a big bottle of bee pollen on Wednesday. It's in these little granules instead of powder, but they're really small and soft too so they're easy to chew. I just pour some in the cap and offer it to Scully and let her have a few mouthfuls, she seems to really like the stuff! I've offered it to the other two but they turn their noses up at it, so I guess I'm lucky she likes it :D I found B complex too but it was in pill form, I might just order that from Cheryl.

Scully has improved more even just in the past two days since I posted. Hopefully the bee pollen will help give her that extra boost.

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I hope so, too. I used to just put warm water on the granules, let them melt and feed them through a syringe, never thought of just offering them as is. I'll have to check that out!

I'm glad she's getting better, too, poor Scully, what a drag but at least there's nothing wrong, as such. So no more eggs, right!


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sweetiepie9":k2gamyty said:
I hope so, too. I used to just put warm water on the granules, let them melt and feed them through a syringe, never thought of just offering them as is. I'll have to check that out!

I'm glad she's getting better, too, poor Scully, what a drag but at least there's nothing wrong, as such. So no more eggs, right!
Yea it's pretty funny. Now I just get my finger wet and dip them in the granules so they stick, and she licks them off my finger. She's been an eating fiend lately and is gobbling down pretty much all of the butternut squash I offer her. Yesterday she ate about 2x2 inch cubes worth, diced up! Oh yes, no more eggs!!!

She is still recovering nicely and is able to stand on all 4's again, as well as walk for (very) short distances. We are going camping this week and the weather looks like it's gonna be nice, so I'll likely bring her along :)

Let's see, Sarth weighed in today at 488g - a month ago he weighed 520, however he did take a GIANT poop today that I'm guessing weighed around 20g :roll: I think he's at a good healthy weight now. He eats his veggies alright and loves his supers every other day. Daeds is almost 700...she's on Scully's diet though so hopefully that goes down a bit!

Anyway, pics are long overdue! I have some of everyone, most of these were all taken last week.

Sarth getting some sun

We finally had a *nice* day where we didn't have to keep the a/c cranked and could just open windows. The window in Sarth's room is great, cause it's think enough that with a pad he can sit right up by the screen!



And of course a bunch of Scully and Daeds:

Basking with mom!

Sculls and Daeds




What do you mean, I only get 5 roaches? Mooooom!

Will update next week with camping pics!

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Good news about Scully and they all look wonderful, even if Scully is whining about not getting enough roaches. I'm glad she's improving so well, soon she'll be 100% again!

Thanks for the pics, good to see you, too, they sure all enjoy the sun and Sarth looks great!


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Great news! Scully is walking again! I took a video of her in which I lured her around with roaches. All that's left is that pesky tail that's still dragging on the ground, but that'll come in time.

Not too many camping pics unfortunately. It was cloudy and chilly most of the time so Scull's had to stay wrapped up with her blankie and heat pad for most of it :/ Really disappointed as the weather said it was going to be sunny all weekend!

Video from today:

Camping pics. I lied, there are quite a few of them, lol.



The brief bit of sun we got, I had to move the chair over to the corner of the camp site to get her in it.



So that's all for now! Really hoping the weather improves so I can bring her up to Lake Superior again!

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She's walking, isn't that great? And no sign of eggs either? That's all good news. Yes, the tail will come up & she'll walk higher in time, too, but the fact that she's walking is so good to see!


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Yep, still no sign of eggs! No restless or digging behavior yet. I think if she had another clutch in her she'd be showing signs at this point since it's been about 5 weeks since her last one. Fingers crossed!


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Wow so I've been really slacking! August was a crazy month for us, lots of stuff going on and I was helping my BFF out with wedding stuff.

I'll keep the updates short and sweet before I inundate the thread with a months worth of pics!

Sartharion is down for the count. Right now he's buried under his scarf in his hide. He was out for the last couple days, goes in and out really. I think he'll be asleep for awhile this time around though!

Daeds is good. Looks like we escaped this summer with no eggs, yay!

Scully is doing a bit better. We took her camping up to Lake Superior again and she did great. She even got to go back to her favorite sandy beach and did some digging. No eggs! She still can't walk very well, that front left foot seems to be the one giving her trouble. I'm not sure what else I can do for her - she's on a good diet now of collards and veggies with about 5-6 dubia every other day. I give her bee pollen in the morning, she loves that stuff! I'm not sure if she'll ever walk without a limp again :( We'll have to see. Those two nails she wore down from her last clutch aren't growing back either.

Picture time! These are going to be mostly Scully obviously... >_>

Camping pics first!


Nice and toasty inside her blanky even in the chilly morning :)


I just love the look on her face - she's so happy when she gets to dig!







Love this one!

Wake up mom

A vid of Scully going crazy for bee pollen

I got some cute pics drawn up of the gang!


Scully is not a fan of kisses from Guinness lol



I bought some heavy duty wings, planning to take Scully to the renaissance festival tomorrow. But when I double checked with them to make sure I could bring her, they said sorry, dogs only :( What the reason is, no idea :/ So maybe I'll use them for halloween or something...very disappointing though! She still looks really darn cute!


Daedalus and her daily weekday furniture rearrangement. It's different every time I come home from work, lol! I'm guessing she just wants out cause she never does it over the weekend when she's out all day. When I got home today, the short log was under her hammock and the bunny up against her basking log

Some of Sarth during his bath a couple weeks ago :)


Tough guy

Well that's about all I have! Sorry for the extra long absence!

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I can sure understand getting really busy over summertime, especially helping with a wedding but you sure made up for your absence with those beautiful pictures. Your crew look so good, sorry to hear that Scully is still limping, I could see some weakness when she was standing at the campground. You're doing all you can for her, would she need more calcium maybe? And loved the video with the bee pollen, yummy! She sure loves it! Good for her, so many good things in bee pollen.

So do you now take her back to the vet to have her checked out again? It's a shame for her to be limping at such a young age. :( Lonzo is losing the use of his left front arm, but then he's 10 yrs old and my vet told me it's all old age. Scully is still so young, is there nothing the vet can do for her? Wish I had a magic wand to go with her wings (they are awesome, by the way) to make her better.

So Sarth has decided to hit the hide? So has Leo and Rubio is starting to do the same. Leo never sleeps in his hide, he just sits in there with eyes wide open, silly boy. So because of that I get him out of there every morning and put him under his basking light. He'll stay there for awhile and I give him baths as usual and calcium vit/min, too. Until he shows he wants to sleep, he'll get the same morning treatment. He & Didi are like yo-yos in the winter, up and down, up and down, sleep for a couple of days, back up again. Rubio, though, sleeps for a few months solid. Lonzo isn't allowed to sleep because his right lung never did function again, he doesn't mind, he just goes to bed earlier. Titan and Gabriel, not sure what they'll do this winter. Gabriel is 2 1/2 but never slept last winter, will see what he's up to this weekend.

I really enjoyed all the pictures, especially at the camp. Scully sure looks like she had a great time. And Daeds got through the whole summer without eggs? That's great! She looks great, too. Loved Sarth's beard.

So don't feel bad if you can't get on there, life gets busy sometimes!

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I loved all of those pictures! And it's really too bad you can't bring her to the Renaissance Fair. She would have been so cute there!
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