Sarth, Daeds, & Starling **5/28 First Camping Trip Pics!**

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I figured I would post some pics of Sarth...even though he hasn't been eating very well the past month he still finds every opportunity to be cute! I think I might just keep adding pics to this thread along with my blog, we will see!

The most recent ones are at the top.

I thought this was adorable...he was kind of lounging against the glass, looking at me like "what?!"

Just trying out a close-up of his's hard to get good pics during the weekdays when the sun is going down by the time I get home

Scoping out his rearranged tank

Morning stretches, as usual :)

Him looking *really* grumpy sitting in the sun on the back of our recliner. And I put his tail like that, lol

My husband took this :roll:

A rare shot of him actually eating his salad

Watching Glee with me!

He loves to explore the coffee table, not sure why

I did not put him like this, lol. I should have entered it in this months photo competition!

Him still being really mad from the vet's visit the night before. He looked so hilarious, all puffed up with the black beard. I started petting him and he deflated while managing to look confused.

Just looking cute. This was right around when he stopped eating about a month ago.


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Ugh what a shame if that happens :( Of course Scully just has to be the dominant one. Daeds has always been the chill and "go with the flow" kind of gal. That will definitely take some adjusting!

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I could be wrong, but that's what it was like, there is always a Queen Bee, sounds like Scully has decided she's it! Hopefully she'll mellow out as she gets older.


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Hello everyone! Been a bit since I've updated. I don't have much unfortunately, darn snow and cold makes for poor pictures and lizard activities :p

Let's see...well, Scully is still being a snot towards Daeds. She's not *quite* as bad as she was, but still. They were sharing the fire when Scully decided to jump on and start head butting Daeds, so I had to put an end to that pretty quick. They still share the couch fine when sunbathing during the weekend. I've witnessed Scully headbob until Daedalus literally flees the scene! She doesn't seem as aggressive but I'm always keeping a close eye on them now.

Besides that, everything else is fine. Sarth still won't eat roaches but is eating his greens at least.

Daeds is still her happy self, eating everything I offer her and running around fine on her bum leg.

Scully has finally started another shed since her last one in August. Right now it's her back, tummy, legs, and half of her head, no tail! I gave her a little shower with me today to help out her skin.
She came to work with me on Friday! One of Nate's sisters who is a kindergarten teacher was doing a thing on reptiles, so I lent her Scully for an hour and I was allowed to keep her at the office with me in the interim. She was definitely the center of attention, everyone stopped by to see her and pet her :)

Anyway, that's all I have really! Pretty much same old around here! A few pics of Scully from the office is all I have at the moment!

Scully had a week long spurt of destroying her tank. I think she was doing everything she could to get over to where she could see Daeds and bob at her. I've since taped those sides of her tank so she can't see her anymore :p At least I assume that's what she was doing, I only saw it in this state when I came home from work!

Scully's spot amidst my messy desk

Time to go home mom! No more numbers!

Tuckered out after a long day of sitting around

Hopefully more pics of everyone soon! Scully is spoiled rotten, I admit o_O

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But being spoiled rotten is a dragon's right :lol: I'm glad she was able to go to work with you and was such a hit with everyone, even the kids. It must have been nice to have her there. When I think of taking one of my reptiles to work, I just see mayhem, work in a call centre for a bank, so that wouldn't work out very well!

Thanks for the update, wonder why Scully is being so nasty with Daeds, when Daeds is so laid back, puberty I guess :mrgreen:


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Well wouldn't you know while I was typing that out, Nate said Daeds jumped on Scully and tried to grab the little ridge part on the back of her head! Then she ran off. I think the fire makes them frisky because it gets them so warm, that's the only time they seem to be aggressive. How weird is that? At least Nate was keeping a close eye on them for me. Now Scully is sleeping on my lap in the other room :p

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Oh my, that made me laugh! Daeds getting hers back with Scully, "take that you little brat" :lol: They are just so funny!

So my latest is Gabriel, my youngest, managed to climb the sofa and jump into Rubio's tank :shock: Just about had a heart attack! I was in the bedroom, nursing my sprained ankle and heard a "Clang", which is not a noise I normally hear when one of them is free roaming the living room, so ran in and this is what I found:

If you look under the log, Rubio's snout is getting close to Gabriel's tail. When I got there, that snout was opening up for a good bite of Gabriel's tail. Had to tap Rubio's snout to get the picture. So Gabriel climbed at least 5' up from the ground to the top of the sofa, then he jumped another 8" up and jumped down into a 2' tank. So he's grounded, he's not allowed in the living room unless I'm there to watch his every move. I clipped his nails the next morning and he still managed to climb the sofa, he's such a brat! Honest, the other four have never even tried to climb the sofa, which is why they're allowed out without me watching all the time. The living room is completely partitioned off from the rest of the apartment, only Gabriel has ever tried this stunt :lol:


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OMG! What a naughty lizard, lol! That's like when I bring Sarth in the living room, if I don't watch him like a hawk he will climb the stairs so that he's eye level with Scully's tank and sit right outside it and stare at her. She is freaked out by him. So glad he can't get into the girls tanks at all, that would be a disaster!

And yea I think Daeds was totally getting Scully back, lol! According to Nate she didn't seem to do it aggressively, just *chomp* then run away. Scully doesn't even have a scratch. Still not taking that chance though, such naughty girls!


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zandi202":2hjbnmn7 said:
Beautiful babies!
Thanks Zandi!

Well I got a few more pics of everyone and a great video of Scully that I'll share with everyone!

Small update on Sarth - I weighed him a few days ago and noted that he's lost about 20g in the past few months. Stubborn a** lizard! He refuses to eat any kind of feeder unless it's a horn worm, so I bit the bullet and ordered some. Tough love only goes so far when he won't touch a roach for an entire month, I don't need him to lose any more weight :/ He pretty eagerly eats 1, and just 1, horn worm a day. He won't eat any more. He is great otherwise, still his curious self with nothing seeming out of the ordinary, so I don't think a vet visit will help. I've already taken him twice for this issue and the vets just basically scratch their heads :roll: Sigh!

Anyway, here's some pics of the little snot! Oh yes, in each of these he is looking for the girls :p




And some new ones of Daeds! She got to see her old daddy today, he was pretty happy to see how good she looked :)
These were taken after she had been sunning herself through the mirror, so she's got her pretty colors on. Don't get to see these very often!



And of course a few of queen Scully...AND the bonus video of her on the roomba :)
The new sunning spot:

Railing by her tank:


And Scully on the Roomba!


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Wowee, it's been almost a month since my last post!

Well, not too much has changed except Scully is now 1 year old and I have a big ol beardie tattoo on my shoulder! The snow has finally melted (mostly) here but the warmest it's been is the low 50s and cloudy mostly, still too chilly to go outside :( And we're supposed to get 6 inches of snow between Weds-Thurs! It's times like this I miss SoCal a *lot*!

Everyone is pretty much same old. Scully is still being bitchy towards Daeds, although most of the time now Daeds just ignores her, but alas, the days of leaving them to bask on the couch together while I'm at work seem to be gone :( Sarth is still the pickiest of eaters and it's starting to bother me *again*. I can't afford to keep him supplied with horns all the time, he sometimes eats his greens, and will only eat the rare and elusive white roach. Somehow he's maintaining his weight but he just looks so damn skinny compared to my girls. He's 456g while they are both 650+!

Anyway since it's Scully's hatchday I have lots of pics of her and a few of the others, and a couple of my tat (which still has a lot of work to be done)

My handsome boy

Daeds this weekend, she really wanted to go outside, still to chilly though!

And the birthday girl!

Getting too big for her scale :roll:

Cuddle time with daddy

So fat! Err, fancy I mean! :mrgreen:

Too lazy to climb up the armrest

Happy hatchday Sculls!

And a couple of my tat! I'm going to have to cut my hair a bit more so that the top isn't covered up once it's done!


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I love that tat!

And she's not fat, she's pleasingly plump :wink: More of her to love!

There was this one website that sold 50 hornworm eggs for a good price I think I bought 2 50count cups for $30/$35 which wasn't bad. I can try to find them again and send you a link if you like =)


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zandi202":1o0vt6lw said:
I love that tat!

And she's not fat, she's pleasingly plump :wink: More of her to love!

There was this one website that sold 50 hornworm eggs for a good price I think I bought 2 50count cups for $30/$35 which wasn't bad. I can try to find them again and send you a link if you like =)
Oh that's interesting. The best I can find usually is 15-20 worms in a cup for about $10ish, but then with $10 shipping I end up paying over $30 for 2 cups :(. How big are the cups with the eggs? Easy to hatch? Does the cup get crowded when they start growing? I'd love the link!

CiaraAlexisOnFire":1o0vt6lw said:
I absolutely love your tattoo!! can't wait to see when it's finished. I have my beardie's eye incorporated in one of my tattoos :p
Thanks! My idea was to incorporate all 3 of mine in the design...Sarth's body style since the girls are so fat, Scully's color and Daed's big spikes. Not sure if that's how it came out, but I love it anyway! The only sad part is having to wait for it to heal before doing more, lol :(


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More pics of everyone!

Daeds passed out on my lap. I think she definitely looks the most "reptilian" of the 3, if that makes any sense at all.

Last weekend I made Daeds her own plate of her favorite food, eggs! And a little bit of crumbled bacon too. She was in heaven.

Sarth, pacing his cage to make sure his space isn't invaded.

Girls fresh out of the bath

I came home to Scully like this...I'm not sure what she was thinking, I was wondering if she tried to see over the top of her tank so that she could head bob and Daeds, then gave up

Lazy girl, I set her on my lap and she immediately made herself comfortable, snuggling in and tucking her arm back

Even Scully is fed up with the snow! After listening to her scrabble at the sliding door I finally went and opened it and she walked right out! You can see her tracks through the snow. Once she got to the sun she immediately stopped and started enjoying herself in the sun, lol.

And some progress of my tattoo if you didn't see my post in general. Going back in on Friday to get some more work done :)

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