Sandfire Colours won't show up

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Hi, i am a first time beardie mom! my little girl is 13 weeks old, and is about 9" . her daddy was a german giant , and her mom a sand fire. when i picked her out from the breeder this is what she looked like

when i went to pick her up she was much darker, and the breeder said that it was because of the stress of being away from her siblings / car ride / new environment (we met halfway on the highway since i lived 2 hours away from him). i love her to death she is such a sweet and healthy little girl, but it has been two weeks and her colouring isn't coming in.

this is what Pine-Sap looks like now.
very grey i find. now i DO know of certain that she is more orange. she has lightened up twice since i got her, once was at night after i turned her lights out, i noticed a stray cricket and was catching it and her colours were beautiful! just like she is supposed to look like. the other time was just a couple of days ago while she was on my shoulder. there seems to be no pattern as to when it happens.

i thought maybe it was her lighting, i have Exo-Terra Repti Glo 10.0 26W compact UVB, and Exo-Terra 150W intense basking spot light, as well as an under-tank heating pad for night time. i ordered a reptisun 10.0 tube bulb - my petstore said that the compact ones are better and newer, but everyone on here seems to disagree.

any suggestions for lighting or anything else to get her colouring to come out. i have read to take her out in the actual sunlight, but i live in northern Canada, and in October it is freezing outside, and i think it would defeat the purpose.

Pine-Sap and i thank you for your help in advance! xoxo

Claudiusx Sicko
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I am confused.

You are getting new lighting already correct? So you are already aware that your current lighting set up isn't very good. But, did you order the compact reptisun 10.0 or the tube?

The reason your dragon is so dark is because of stress, which is most likely due to either the lights in the tank, or the temps.
Do you know your temps atm? Basking surface, hot side and cool side?



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yeah sorry. well after all the research I'm so confused! everything is conflicting!

i ORDERED the reptisun tube light that goes the length of the tank, i bought the compact one at the pet store, because they sales lady - who has a bearded dragon said it was the best.

the basking area is between 96-102, and on the other side, 80-85 - she is very active and healthy...


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Just to check what are you measuring the temps with? The stick on and dial ones are very inaccurate...the digital ones with the probe or the IR heat guns are most accurate. Also he could be getting ready to shed in addition to relocation stress.


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i have two - there both electronic ones. not the stick ons.

i do think that she may be getting ready for a shed - she has been looking more grey the last couple of days... hopefully thats all it is, and when the new light comes in - I'm hoping it helps! :D


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You could try bumping up your basking temps a bit, they are ok, but if you can get them closer to 105-110, you might see her brighten up a little. Your new light should do wonders for her colour too!


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Wait till she's been asleep a few hours and then sneakily look at her - Hige is at his brightest colours when asleep.
This is hige awake:

This is Hige Asleep:

he has much more orange when asleep. His cage is at the right temps of 105-110, right arcadia tube lighting, right diet of dubia roaches and superworms with staple wild rocket and veg. This is just how he seems to go :)


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wow thats really cool about Hige! I'm upping the temp and going to see if that works out, will let you know what happens. thanks for all the help!
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