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soooooo my guy is getting bigger and i want to give him more room during his baths!!! currently i bathe him in a very large tupperware, and i use britta water, but i’ve been thinking about switching to a full tub. however, i’m in san diego, and the tap water is not good at all. lots of hard water deposits and chlorine in our water. i don’t think i can microwave a whole tub worth of britta water lol. what do you guys think? should i get a bigger tupperware and stick to britta water? or will the bath be okay?

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If it's safe for you to drink, it's safe for your dragon.
Nothing wrong with bathing in tap water.



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Claudiusx":13tz0xm2 said:
If it's safe for you to drink, it's safe for your dragon.
That's the issue, no one drinks the tap water in San Diego. You CAN, but it's not great for you.

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The tap water is safe. The mineral deposits are fine in drinking water and the chlorine levels are monitored and kept at safe levels.
It might taste bad but its not dangerous.

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