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so ive got a question for all of you more experienced keepers. so ive done a small amount of my own research, and apparently beardies are capable of social learning through imitation. so my question is this: do you think you can get your dragon to eat its salads by repeatedly showing videos of other dragons eating salads?

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Maybe, but i think watching other dragons in errr dragon (person) would work better.
I think it also would depend on the particular dragon too. Some of mine are very definitely smarter than some of my others.


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When they're young yeah...
Imitation is a key factor
So it's they're natural responses...
Also a big part of it is the relationship you build & cultivate through feeding veggies & bugs with your Dragon.(Especially in captivity)

Start them on salad young & that should get him well started hopefully.
Just saying

Definitely imitation plays a role in they're development.

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