Safe to eat black soldier flies?

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I have some pheonix worms that have started turning into flies. We have a rescue that we are rehabilitating right now that doesn't have much of an appetite but she is loving the black soldier fly larva that has turned to actual flies. Before I let her have anymore I just wanted to check to see if they are ok to feed.


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Ok thanks good to know. I am supplimenting with carnivore care as well so she gets her calcium.

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If beardie can catch them .... they are very a good protein source ..

so are :
silkworm moths

and for adult beardies
mealworm lavae , pupae and beetles are great treats , as superworm lavae and pupae , I expect superworm beetles are fine too but they do look big and scary ...

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My dragon loves chasing the flies around. He's able to digest them more easily too which is a bonus. They are fairly slow moving (for flies) and are pretty easy to catch if they get away from you.
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