Sad neglect Story.. Happy Ending :)

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I worked at a pet store with my best friend who was a reptile specialist. He got a call from the humane society about a severe hoarding incident that occurred where there was over hundreds of animals living in this one small house. The humane society apparently begged my friend to take in the reptiles (he's a licensed rehabber) that were so badly neglected.....sadly most of the snakes and lizards that were brought in had to be euthanized(half of them died on the car ride over...some even died in our arms). Those lucky few that made it were honestly not that lucky. I happened to look into a Rubbermaid container that had three beardies in it...they were so skinny you could count every rib. My friend and I assumed that the beardies were not fed at all since they unfortunately got so hungry they started cannibalizing one of the smaller female dragons (so sad... she lived though went to a lovely home). The one female that was left caught my eye, My friend said that he would give her a 40% chance at survival because of her condition, with that being said I couldn't leave her at the store. I felt so bad for her(she tugged at my heart strings)...she was so sweet and gentle that I said why not I already have one lets make it two.

Unfortunately these pictures don't show how badly skinny she was(I never took a real beginning photo of her I was more focused on her health), but all her ribs were poking out of her skin, and you could easily see her tiny hip bone since it was sticking out due to how malnourished she was. I gave her some greens instantly when I got home and let me tell you I've never seen an animal so fascinated in my life with just greens (my male hates greenery lol). Little by little I've been bulking her up....its going to take time but her ribs are finally starting to be less prominent on the outside of her body.
Before picture:

After: Month or so...getting fat now :D

These pictures were taken a while ago....she layed eggs for me at the end of June and so far 9 are almost hatched and running around(I posted pictures of the baby's on the pictures thread)
Everything happens for a reason im just glad I was able to give her a better life than what she had before it. :D


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That's really good that you saved her bu I think it was a really bad decision to breed her with all the stress she's gone through etc... I think you shouldn't of


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Yes ill admit it was not the best decision I made but she is seperated now I was able to obtained a cage yesterday for free from a friend so she will be on her own from now on.
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